When the sun rose this morning, it began the 4,922nd day since Stacey Burns stopped seeing sunrises. The sunrise also marks 4,922 days since the New Hampshire State Police began their investigation into her vicious murder, which is now on the list of cold case homicides.

Recently I’ve been reading portions of my aborted book about this case to a group of writing colleagues here in Arizona. All agree that the work on that book should continue but I am stuck at the Arrest/Trial/Conviction chapters because those events haven’t happened and sadly show little chance of ever happening.

I wonder if anyone other Stacey’s family is asking the NHSP about the progress on what they continue to call an “ongoing investigation?”

Just think, in 78 days, most of us will be seeing our 5000th sunrise since a psychopath closed Stacey eyes forever. 5000 days seems like a long time for an “ongoing investigation” to not bring this case to a solution. Does anyone else out there feel questions should continue to be asked?