This is the 400th post on this blog since I began it a couple of years ago. A rough estimate would place more than 80% of my posts as dealing with the murder of Stacey Burns. One can’t help but wonder if I’m doing any good with these regular observations. However, since I am not aware of anything else happening (Boy, would I ever be happy to hear that something positive is happening in this case!) I will continue to post my opinions and impressions. After all, no one is forcing anyone to read them.

For today’s 400th, I will simply quote Inspector Ian Rutledge in Charles Todd’s book, A Test of Wills. “. . .because sometimes the solution to a murder was just that–finding out why the victim had to die.”

Why did Stacey Burns have to die? Perhaps the inspector is right. In one person’s mind, Stacey had to die. In simple terms, it is about motive. I leave it to you to answer the question, and maybe come up with a solution.