Please excuse this brief rant.

I love that 326 people were reached with my post entitled “There MUST be a conspiracy.”

There is a puzzling aspect to that reach. The content is, in my opinion, controversial. In effect, it says that the killer and at least one more person is lying to provide an alibi for the killer of Stacey Burns.

I just thought that might get more comments. Someone knows that what they are saying to cover for the killer is an outright lie. I cannot believe that over five years later, someone else has not been included in this lie. So, here is a challenge to anyone out there:

If you provided an alibi for anyone in this murder when questioned by police, why don’t you step forward and defend that alibi. Obviously, you must believe you told the truth. So, let us all hear it. Name the person you know could not have murdered Stacey Burns then tell us why.

What a simple request, OVER FIVE YEARS LATER!

Once again, I’m guessing that nothing will come of this attempt to ferret out some truth, simply because I’m not seeing a lot of courage out there.

Let me have it if you disagree!