A Facebook friend reminded us that January 21, 2011 was the date that the eagerly anticipated 20/20 television show about the Stacey Burns murder aired. About forty minutes of that particular show dealt with the murder, including many interviews with those who knew Stacey. There were no conclusions drawn by John Quinones, the lead “investigator”  on the show.

I’ve wondered what would happen if the same crew from 20/20 revisited Wolfeboro today. The original show was telecast just 20 months after the murder. Now we are those twenty months and another five years removed from the horrendous crime. What would the interviews be like today? How would Stacey’s friends and family see this tragedy almost seven years in their rear view mirror? How would the community of Wolfeboro react? Would the 20/20 stars (remember that it is a television show, intended to entertain as well as inform) be greeted with the same enthusiasm today as they were five years ago? Would the police be any more open today than they were five years ago? Would John Quinones be any more successful in his interviews with alleged suspects in the case?

Wouldn’t it be nice if that show could have had a positive effect on the investigation? Is the show, like life itself to quote Shakespeare, “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing?”

It was an entertaining forty minutes back in 2011. If only it could have been more than that.