Two reminders: First, I’ve been asked why some comments on this blog are not published. It is not what you may think. (censorship) Most likely, if your comment is not published, it is because I was unable to contact you through the e-mail associated with your alias. As I said before, I will not publish any post which names specific people in a negative way unless I have your expressed written approval to do so. If your contact info is not correct and is returned to me, the post will not be published. I believe it is only fair to double check that you want the post published. So, check to see if the email you have registered with my blog is correct. I have had many returned as being invalid.

Second, in the post titled “Countdown to Arrest” published on January 12, 2017, I began the idea of a countdown to the eighth anniversary of the murder of Stacey Burns. At that time, it was one hundred and sixteen days in the future. The hope was that some impetus would be supplied to solve this heinous crime before that dreadful anniversary. Today is the thirtieth post since then and one hundred and two days has passed.

Just fourteen days remain before this imaginary deadline for a resolution before we enter the ninth year. What a shame!