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That troublesome “tip” again!

 Followers of this blog are aware that in early May, I sent an unsolicited “tip” regarding the murder of Stacey Burns to the NHSP Cold Case unit.  This tip originated with an old friend from New Hampshire and contained what I thought was new information. It was my estimate that following up on that information would have required speaking to a minimum of seven people with additional contacts likely necessary based on those conversations. I was told by an authoritative source that “tipsters” are not informed of the results of investigations into their information so I did not, and do not, expect to hear from the NHSP.

However, since it is now well over two months, I’m feeling that enough time has passed that perhaps I should contact those seven people. I know that three were contacted but the others are of crucial importance in the context of the tip. If they have not been contacted by this time, I would be very disappointed.  I surely do not want to interfere with the  investigation but I will admit to being somewhat curious as are my friends who supplied the original information. In a comment to a previous post, someone suggested I contact these folks right away but I wanted to allow more time for the detectives who are actively working this case to investigate.

So, dear readers, is it time to see what has been done so far with this information?


6 Responses to That troublesome “tip” again!

  • What is the justification for the tipsters not being informed of the results? What is the justification for the “I can’t comment on a current investigation?”. Communicating, rather than not communicating, seems best.

  • #4 says:

    There is them and us. Them write the laws, enforce the laws and decide when to apply the laws. Us obey the laws until it suits them. Then them change the laws to suit their needs and to keep us ignorant and powerless. TIPS? Them needs nor wants any stinking tips.

  • Jamie says:

    They have had enough time. I say contact the seven. Just my humble opinion. Your doing a great job Duke. I know Stacey is grateful.

    • Watching and waiting says:

      Jamie, not quite sure there are seven. But I am one. I am so very sorry that you are involved in the mix. I am so very sorry also that you have gone thru this bull. Love that dog of yours.

  • JIM says:

    The most you get from the police are lies, I once asked them about a tip they got, a good tip that I know led to evidence, being taken off guard that anyone would even ask, Rolly said, “oh, that place changed hands and we got nothing.” A simple follow up and my innocence was shattered, another lie, and It was clear, that’s all I will ever get from these good men gone puppets. “DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!!”

    • jim says:

      There is good news on the “SWAMP” here in N.H. whistleblowers in the V.A. haven’t been jailed or killed (yet) and some of the puppets are even thanking them? Well, don’t ya know. The worm has turned! (I pray). Could some in the State Police step up? On another topic, amazing how with very little effort Mexican drug dealers all over our state are being found by the hundreds? WTF bri,bri…..

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