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Still Waiting . . .

This will be brief: I still wonder what may have happened to the tip submitted in early May about the Stacey Burns murder case. I know that the authorities are not bound to let anyone know what happens to  a tip. I get that and I live in fear that something I say or do might result in screwing up this investigation. However, that being said, how about a phone call saying nothing, such as these clichés? (sometimes even a cliché can make a person feel better. ) “We’re following up. Thanks!” “We are on top of this, trust me.” “We take everything seriously. It will be handled.” “It’s ongoing and we are working hard on it.”

I am hoping that the two key people mentioned in the “tip” have been interviewed by now(Seven months later)  and ordered to keep quiet. Boy, would I be pleased about that.

Come on, folks out there, please don’t let the ninth anniversary of this (out of adjectives to describe it) murder come up without some movement.

I wake up at night thinking about it as I’m sure many others do as well. Just my humble opinion, but don’t you think it is time to put this to rest?


3 Responses to Still Waiting . . .

  • Lynn Ash says:

    I think being the squeaky wheel is good. I pray for an arrest on the case all the time. So sad it hasn’t been solved. Thank you for keeping it active.

  • Jamie says:

    I wouldn’t be worried about screwing up the investigation. Obviously somethings already screwed up to be here almost nine years later and still no resolution. I stood in that driveway on that awful morning and NEVER imagined we would be here almost nine years later. You do you Duke.

  • jim says:

    Duke; Brian Strong doesn’t enjoy lying, don’t make him. Stacey’s killer is well known to him and it’s with great disappointment that he will never be brought to justice. Leave them alone and accept it. It happens all the time (over 125 in 30 years) here in N.H. the live free or die state. Stacey just wasn’t ever going to be free.

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