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Repost of Strong Comment, etc.

In yesterday’s post, portions, for whatever reason, were left out. This is a repeat of that paragraph with the missing words.

Today, I share a portion of a comment to a post from a week ago. It just gives us an important fact to remember in the killing of Stacey Burns. I thought it bears emphasizing. “What people fail to realize is that we are not looking for a killer; we are looking for a monster. . . Killing a mother of five knowing that the children will discover her mutilated body on Mother’s Day morning is a crime of immense cruelty.” (See complete comment by looking on my website for the blog post from last week.) Well, NHSP and New Hampshire Attorney General’s office , how’s that active, ongoing investigation and search for this monster going?

Thanks for being patient!


4 Responses to Repost of Strong Comment, etc.

  • jim vittum says:

    I was at Hazen dr. yesterday, spoke to Michael Kokoski and a ‘new’ guy. I missed you guys this morning, by the way. Anyway he said Scott Gilbert has retired,I’ll miss him, and he also said Stacey’s case was not done by a long shot and was getting regular attention. For some strange reason i got some degree of satisfaction from his words. My visit to the AG’S office however was not very satisfying. Strelzin refused to have anyone from that place even look at me, something about conflict of interest. Whatever, they’re fairly sick of me. Until the spirit moves me again I’ll just have to wait.

  • Jack Donovan says:

    Hey Jim keep it up on “THEM” , the Squeaky Wheel gets the Oil , we talked on the phone this past May and you gave me a lot of insight on the case , I hope they get the S O B and any other party who was involved , I cannot imagine how anybody can live with themselves knowing the slightest thread of information that may help capture this viscous Criminal. I feel so bad for the poor Children and cannot even imagine how much pain they have gone thru . Jack Donovan

    • awaiting justice for Stacey and her children says:

      ~ The SICK ANIMAL that not only viciously killed her but has no conscience whatsoever for the aftermath for her children……….. the GUTLESS COWARD……. will soon be caught. ~ the NHSP will soon decide they have enough evidence to HAVE A GOOD CHANCE OF WINNING A CONVICTION AGAINST THEM. ………..
      * ~ When an arrest is FINALLY made … i believe witnesses with potential evidence against the killer will FLOCK to NHSP with their stories and the State Police will have as many witnesses as they need at trial to put the ANIMAL away. :o)

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