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Ouch! A Response

“In an open case, such as Stacey Ann Keane Burns, specific investigative steps that have been taken or have not been taken are not open for discussion. That includes who may have been interviewed or have not been interviewed.

The above statement came in an e-mail from a frequent correspondent, one who has worked diligently on keeping this case alive. It apparently is an official response to Wednesday’s post regarding “in good conscience” in which I suggested (dared to suggest) that perhaps a “minimal update on the case” could be supplied to the general public.
I don’t think I asked for an “open discussion” but I guess this statement effectively precludes any possibilities of anything having to do with this case being shared. To me, and correct me if I’m wrong, it says keep quiet, let us do our jobs, and don’t bother us.
My only question is this: Does this hold true ad infinitum? We’re in the ninth year of this investigation. Can we ask questions in the tenth year? the twentieth? or never?
Looking ahead- another regular correspondent suggested that I begin to publish Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns on this blog. Beginning with the next post, I’ll be including small segments of that incomplete book. 

2 Responses to Ouch! A Response

  • Watching and Waiting says:

    It is now time for you to disclose. You again are writing a book for profit. I disclosed certain info to you with the agreement that you would not share for profit. I find it in any form of a book or otherwise, I will bring you into the open court of Law for sure.You weren’t the only one carrying a recorder.
    I know of the women telling you the story of what I had shared with a friend of sorts. It took place in the book store in Wolfeboro. Drunken logic does not make a story.In fact he was visited by the State Police right after. Took her home because indeed he thought to be so important to get laid that night. After which she came straight to you to tell the same evidence that he thought he found for his own pleasure.How disgusting is that? And to tell me that we met at the wrong time . That I had promised to talk to you the next day.
    So correct this.The Murder book that you said earlier, that you collected, from folks that sent you that information that you said you sent to the State Police Homicide Bureau , print it on line. You seem to think that no one cares there.Well We People do. If you can’t do this? Well, get on your scooter and ride into the sunset.

    • First, as everyone knows, I am NOT writing this book for profit. If I were, I’d have given up years ago. As stated in public, if there ever are any profits, which I doubt, they were to go to the Burns children’s foundation.
      Second, if I told you that I would not share the information you provided unless you gave me permission, you may be assured that I meant it. Ask any of my other “sources” if what I promise has been adhered to.
      Third, I have no idea what the middle section of this note means (beginning with “I know of the women . . . through “we met at the wrong time.”
      Fourth, I am not at all sure what it is you want me to do. There is no way I will betray the trust of the people who provided me the information I sent to the NHSP. If I promised I’d share it with authorities but no one else, I will not publish it in a public setting without their permission and of all people you should understand this.
      I’d like nothing better than to get on my scooter and ride into the sunset and I’m sure there are others who would like me to as well. However, see my post “in good conscience” for my reasoning.

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