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Irresponsible and Cruel

What follows is one of the most upsetting posts for me personally since I started the “Stacey Burns murder project.” It is a  response to my post entitled “Ten Suspects.”

“Telling Stacey’s children that there could be as many as 10 people, one being their own father that might have “slaughtered” their mother is perhaps the most irresponsible and cruelest thing I can imagine. Putting the burden on them, little kids to figure it out.”

It is upsetting on two major levels. First, any post I write is designed to make a positive difference. If my post caused any pain to the Burns children, I would be heartbroken. Second, the post was factual. I know folks who are certain they know who killed this poor woman. Right now, they have no reason to doubt their convictions simply because the police have 1. not arrested anyone, and 2. have not publicly eliminated anyone from suspicion.

All this is after eight years and almost two months. So, to the Burns children, if anything I do causes you any more pain than you have already experienced, I am truly sorry. Believe me when I say my intentions are meant to be for the good of everyone involved, especially you and your mother.



4 Responses to Irresponsible and Cruel

  • Wayne says:

    Not that my opinion matters but you have done more for pushing this investigation forward than just about anyone. Jim is right up there as well despite his abrasive comments at times. Whom ever is involved in Ms. Burns murder never envisioned any of this. And that is a great thing. Keep up the good work.

  • ethel Lee-Miller says:

    This seems like a very kind reply to the responder of your post. People’s sensitivities emerge under stress. Of course this is an ongoing stressful situation.
    From your writing and knowing you, I can only believe that you have nothing but an earnest desire to bring this case to a close and have justice done.

  • PHILBUELL says:

    I’m truly sorry that your efforts to bring closure in this terrible and heartbreaking situation have brought you any grief.Keep digging, prodding, Duke. I APPLAUD ALL YOUR TIME AND EFFORT!

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