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Five Hundred and Fifty

Last time I looked, five hundred and fifty people have read my last post regarding my disappointment/disillusionment that key people in a tip about the Stacey Burns murder I sent to the NHSP early in May had not yet been interviewed.  This is the most in a long time. This fact relieves a small bit of the disillusionment because it seems to say that interest in Stacey’s murder still runs high.

In May, when I first heard the information contained in the tip, I’ll confess to being a bit hesitant to share it. After all, the police have worked on this case for over eight years. Surely they were aware of this information.  In a recent message ,Martin Overson,  our pastor at Desert Hills Lutheran Church here in Arizona, spoke of the importance of action versus feeling. The major point, in my opinion, was that feelings cannot take the place of action. My gut feeling about that particular tip was that it did have some merit. However, that feeling was not enough. If the folks who shared the information thought it important enough to contact me, then I should be willing to act on it. It was not passed on lightly and without considerable thought. I guess that is where some of my disappointment arises.

The only reason I can conjure up for this situation is that the investigators are certain they know who killed Stacey Burns. Otherwise, it would seem that new information or new people to interview would surely become a top priority. Of course, I expect to be reminded once again that I don’t know how a murder investigation is conducted as well as told that a “tipster” does not hear the results of his sharing the tip with authorities. I agree with both of these positions but am still allowed to wonder why it is taking so long to find out if there is any merit to this information. Hopefully, the reason for action not being taken is because the investigators have a feeling that it would be a waste of time.

Pastor’s sermon was great. It can be seen and heard at the Desert Hills Lutheran Church website.


5 Responses to Five Hundred and Fifty

  • jim says:

    Mr. Southard; everyone knows who killed Stacey. N.H. is corrupt, our investigators are nothing more than political puppets. Strelzin and company are the true criminals and Eddie is just another psycho to take advantage of that. N.H. is where psycho’s come to get away w/ murder, and one of the last democrat corruption strong holds. Not my fathers state anymore, sad, like Hillary’s book, very sad.

  • Watching and waiting says:

    Im so very sad. The culprit is known for sure. As a matter of fact she still works to this day as another but a common prostitute. In our town. Even though she has an equeststance client list of, attorneys , who believe if they cant get it at home? They will get it from another? It is also known by the state police. How you doing Jeb? How about you Chris?

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