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Degrees of Truth

“Degrees of Truth” is a small part of one chapter of Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns. After much deliberation, the essay “Degrees of Truth” has been removed from the Fallacy of Closure anthology, a book to be published soon. This piece dealt with the events of Friday night and Saturday morning before Stacey Burns was murdered. It was factual, based on interviews I had with people very close to Stacey.

Here, in synopsis form, are the reasons why it will not be included in the new book..

  1. It names real people, and one of those real people expressed concern for his/her safety and that of children involved if this version of events in that time period became public. I would never forgive myself if something I did led to the harm of another. PERIOD!
  2.  Obviously, the fact that the killer is still free plays a part in the fear that now, almost nine years later, is present with some in the community.
  3. Despite having written approval to do the interviews and having recording of them, I made the mistake of promising that nothing would be published until those involved were able to read it for accuracy and intent. I’m adhering to that promise despite professional advice to the contrary. (They agreed to the interviews, therefore agreed to release of the content.

So, the new book, The Fallacy of Closure, will not include “Degrees of Truth.” If the monster who committed this crime is ever behind bars, maybe those with so much fear would relax and allow the story to be told.


4 Responses to Degrees of Truth

  • Van says:

    You are a wise and honorable man. Your book will still pack a wallop. Good Luck to you. And may bad luck befall the murderer.

  • Still being Patient but Annoyed says:

    The homicide of Stacey Burns is on the back burner. Too much political involvement to keep a thorough investigation going. You must realise that sex was a big part of this crime. As was alcohol and cocaine. Remember the times here in Wolfeboro? The way things were.
    Some elected officials were involved , even quietly, are still elected and even in power today.
    The perpetrator of this crime is also known to certain friends (of he or she) as believing that they know who.
    At one time in our state there was a law passed called the “Lori Law”. It came about because some law enforcement folk would testify in court that the defendant was guilty no matter what. Even if it took perjured testimony to have that guilty verdict delivered. These law enforcement personnel went onto a list. So as they could be called on their testimony as not being substantially true as given from the box in a court of law.
    Now consider this. If indeed that their are those in law enforcement being manipulated to stay or away from this case? Would they also be as guilty as those that violated the Lori Law?
    It is my true belief that the culprit is known. It is also my belief that certain folk would come up in this trial that would be exposed . I say, let it happen. They are just as guilty and will be found out. A lot of men by the way,
    and one certain woman who believes as I do.
    As far as the so called friends of this culprit? May you also be found out soon. How can you live with yourselves knowing that you know? You may be next at the next breakdown of the culprits mind. You know who you are. You will die just as Stacey did with an extreme amount pain and suffering. Maybe not in Staceys manner, but with the pain of a passionate killer.
    The assailant was a woman. There is nothing like a woman’s scorn. As I have said in a previous post, Some can never change. They remain the same because they know no better or any other way of living life.

    Note: I am not a conspiracy theorist. What I wish before anything else is for those that know to come forward. Time to stop hiding behind lawyers. You are already known. As told to me Homicide Detective from the Ag’s Office from the the State of New Hampshire, A quote mind you, “I am good at what I do”. And I am still Patiently watching and waiting.

    • jim says:

      They are good at what they do alright, nothing. How is it the FBI allowed this sick kid to, like Eddie, do exactly what he said he would do? Solving things are not priority for these puppets, advancing agenda is. Gun control? A lecture from the children, that will work. NOT! I conceal carry everywhere i go, if only that hero coach had. You and only you can do something, protect yourself.

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