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Two wrongs

Do you remember your parents admonishing you for retaliation on a sibling or a classmate who had wronged you in some way? “Two wrongs don’t make a right,” they would say as you wondered why it is always the second person into the fray that takes the blame.

Isn’t it amusing the way people in general but politicians in particular use the poor behavior of others to excuse their own? For example, the abhorrent, amoral sexual behavior of Bill Clinton is used as a reason that is all right for more than one contemporary… Continue reading

Twenty-five Years-A Tribute

Twenty-five years today, we lost a son, a brother, and a steadfast, unique individual  to all who knew him. His death turned the week from heaven into the week from hell.

Those years have passed by, as years seem to do, in the proverbial blink of an eye. Thank God that we have twenty-nine years of memories to draw upon before that awful day when Gary left us.

We all miss you dearly. I think all the time of what might have been in your life, in your career, in your marriage . . .

You were a good… Continue reading

Admissable versus inadmissable

Regarding my last post, if something is lacking, such as admissible evidence, does that mean that there might be inadmissible evidence?

Just wondering . . .what if there is evidence that because of some legal issue is not admissible in a court?

We’ve all heard of it. It could be either illegally obtained or collected or might have been mishandled.

The question- is there some inadmissible evidence out there that we should know about?

Just wondering . . .


Contact Information

I regularly receive responses to blog posts, both my own and others.

For the record, if you name  a person as the killer of Stacey Burns, I will contact you to see if you truly want me to publish that post so that the general public may see it.  However, in several cases recently, I’ve sent e-mails to those who posted responses to see if they wanted those responses made public and the emails have been returned to me.

Please, if you have submitted an post on my blog and have not seen it yet, it… Continue reading

Walking Back on Walking Back

Someone very close to me pointed out that I admitted to fibbing to my friends when I was young in the last post. That is very true, but most of us came to the conclusion that lying is not good, whether that realization came at age five, thirteen, or twenty or whatever.  However, we all know some people who never did come to that conclusion.

These are the folks for whom “walking back” becomes a way of life.

Someone once observed, humorously, that he couldn’t be a liar because he didn’t have a good enough memory to remember… Continue reading

Walking Back

Speaking at a meeting of four book clubs in Green Valley yesterday- over fifty attended for a talk and discussion about their current book, Cracks in the Wall.


Here is a portion of a letter I sent to the Green Valley News. (Not sure if it will be published)

Does anyone not love the new phrase, “walking back,” as in, (“so and so)
is walking back the quote directly from his mouth?”
At age thirteen, I took an exotic trip (for the time-1953) all the way to
an uncle’s house in St. Louis from New Jersey. As you know,… Continue reading

Book Club plus A Stacey Countdown

After two weeks of wonderful company of friends and family and one week of being under the weather (not like NH weather today!(-:) I’ll be back to regular posting.

Two things for this post: First, I’m looking forward to a presentation to a joint session of several book clubs in Green Valley which have read Cracks in the Wall. I’ll be talking about turning true crime into fiction as well as the publishing world for the average writer in the “Age of Amazon.” The event is this Thursday afternoon. Over sixty people are expected to attend.

Second, I… Continue reading

A List of Questions

On Sunday, I received via e-mail a copy of a petition containing fifteen pages of comments and questions regarding the murder of Stacey Burns with the request to comment and forward to any official offices I felt might react to the points raised in that document. I am assuming it has received wide spread distribution.

I am curious as to how many people out there have seen it. If investigators have seen it, I’d be curious to hear their reaction. It seems to call into question the thoroughness of their investigation by asking many questions about what procedures were… Continue reading

A Week Off

I’ll  be out of town for a week so no new posts after this one until late next week.

In the meantime, we are now at 99 days until the anniversary of Stacey Burns’ murder. As I said in the previous post, I’m not only  doubting that her killer will be caught by May 10, 2017; I’m doubting that she/he will ever experience the hopelessness of the prison door slamming shut and knowing that you’ve seen the last of your freedom, forever.

Please, diligent police investigators, prove those doubts to be unfounded!

Have a good week!



Continuing Countdown

So, 103 days and counting . . .

Heard from one respondent who is on board with a protest/demonstration. So far, silence from others  who I thought would think this was a great idea.

My bet right now? The murder of Stacey Burns will never be “solved” even though the police are on record as saying that they know who killed her.

Who is with my bet? Who is with the countdown to May 10, 2017? Will it be brought to a conclusion eight years after her murder or will it just go on and on?

Please rest in… Continue reading

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