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A few apologies are in order here:

  1. Sorry that a Father’s Day trip to Indy threw my posting schedule off by about a week. Will try to do better in the future.
  2. Sorry that another month had passed since the anniversary of Stacey’s murder with no apparent progress.
  3. Sorry that those who could make a difference in this case seem to be choosing not to do so. Please prove this to be an inaccurate statement. We all know that there are people, or even a person, who knows what happened that night (besides the killer)  We are into the tenth year, folks. Does that bother anyone? Does it bother the investigators? Does it bother the prosecutors? Are Stacey Burns and Bobbie Miller and the memories of what they meant to so many people fading away?

Is it too much to ask for the police to give an update on these cases? I know, there are intensive, ongoing investigations which could be jeopardized, but why not just take a chance? Try to shake something or someone loose!

Just the opinion of the writer (and, as I’ve been told, an uninformed outsider) who wonders if there is any hope whatsoever that two brutal murderers will ever be caught.

Again, apologies for being MIA for a while. I’ll try to be more faithful in the future.

In the meantime, I’ll be anxious to hear of the progress being made in two nine-year-old murder cases!



4 Responses to Apologies!

  • Van says:

    Compassionateless. For the same reason our nation saw a President rip families apart. Zip. Zero. No. None. Compassion for others. Stacey’s murder has not been officially solved as yet. Maybe it has been solved, but politics keeps the answer under wraps. Or, a possible scandal, having murder play second fiddle. Such disgusting behavior.

    Keep Stacey’s flame burning, Duke.

  • Jamie says:

    Van…we are going to have to agree to disagree on whose to blame for the border issue. My humble opinion is that it is not the fault of our President that the kids and families are being ripped apart. It’s the fault of the parent who broke the law in the first place. How is that anymore sad then a parent who broke the law and has to say goodbye to their children before heading off to prison? Just sayin’.

    Duke…I have certainly not ever looked at you as an “uninformed outsider”. Quite the opposite as you seem to be the one doing the most digging and keeping her memory alive. I thank you for that.

  • Lynn says:

    Mr Southard….I agree with Jamies statements above. To me you are far from uninformed…you are the brightest light burning fir Stacey. Thank you for staying on top of this. I’m glad she has you in her corner. I continue to support you in all you do in tjis matter. God bless. Lynn

  • jmv says:

    We could stalk them in restaurants and spit on them in public, that will work. Or maybe threaten their kids. That will work!

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