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Apologies, Moving On and Giving a D___!

Today I offer apologies to any who may have taken my last post as a message that people have stopped caring about Stacey Burns and her murder case. I know, and have been reminded of such, that many, many people in Stacey’s circle of family and friends care deeply and will continue to care. It was definitely not the intention of that post to indicate that people have stopped “giving a damn” to use the phraseology in the post.

Almost nine years have passed. This blog has often addressed the reality of situations where moving on becomes a necessity, but it doesn’t mean that folks don’t care or “give a damn” anymore. Another reality is simply that the grief and pain of loss and the anger at the perpetrator of this horrific crime cannot be sustained at the same level of intensity as it was nine years ago. That does not mean that it goes away.

I wrote this in The Week from Heaven and Hell, a memoir about the sudden and early death of our beloved son, Gary, ten years after he died. I believe it applies in Stacey’s case as well.

“Time had not made anything easier. The loss of such a worthwhile person in a world that cries out for compassionate people remains a question I hope and pray I’ll have answered some day. Until then, memories will have to suffice . . .”

So, Stacey Burns, your memory still burns in the hearts of so many who loved you. People do “give a damn” about what will happen to your murderer, who amazingly still is free to live in the world you left behind.

The frustration continues.


6 Responses to Apologies, Moving On and Giving a D___!

  • Wayne says:

    Duke should not have to apologize for a comment I made regardless of the meaning behind it. The family or friends of Stacey Burns should not have to endure seemingly being criticized as not caring – for not engaging comments made on this site either; especially when you consider the police are likely warning them not to engage. However the family must have questions that the police are not satisfactorily answering. If so, I’m offering $500 towards the hiring of a private detective. If they accept I will forward a bank check directly to Duke acting only as an intermediary, if he agrees. I will make myself available to this P.I. if she/he has questions of me. This is within the family’s rights to hire their own private detective and the police should not object as the family is not directly engaging anyone.

  • jim vittum says:

    I offer to sit down with a representative of the family anytime,anyplace. Stacey’s brother HAS accused me of this crime, I was the last person to talk to her and i did spend her last day with her. I have the answers they don’t. If it were my sister, cousin or mother, I’d be calling that person, but that’s just me, the one guy Stacey knew would stand up to Ed.

  • Wayne says:

    Admittedly, I have zero experience when it comes to investigations. However this is the only investigation I have ever heard of that doesn’t ask questions. Cover-ups don’t ask questions. Maybe I should use this money to get answers to my questions. For starters, have the families of Stacey Burns and Roberta Miller reached financial settlements with the Walker & Varney law firm??? Both victims were not only represented by this law firm but by the same lawyer as well (see note): If so, this would explain a lot; if so, I’m feeling a bit violated once again; if so, it was only accomplished through my efforts to expose this law firms corrupt practices. It has always been my intentions to see this law firm held accountable to the families of Stacey Burns and Roberta Miller. However, my children were also victims of this law firm. I want attorney Thomas Randy Walker and this law firm held accountable for his actions that bankrupted me and effectively wiped out their college funds. I also want the two lawyers hired to represent me and my children held accountable for the illegal and unethical practices they engaged in during my divorce proceedings. Attorney’s Carolyn Cole and John Lyons sold me out for personal gain to attorney Walker for the direct benefit of attorney Steven Smith of Miami Florida. The murder of Stacey Burns eliminated any chance I had for justice. The fact that it occurred 17 days after test marketing my manuscript/book is a coincidence I find difficult to believe. The fact that I too became a “person of interest” in both these murders means that I have a very personal stake in the outcome of this investigation.

    Note: I never mention the lawyer that represented both Ms. Burn’s and Ms. Miller by name because I believe she may also have been victimized by her superiors by training her in their illegal and unethical practices, and then having two of her clients murdered. I also understand that this lawyer took Stacey Burn’s murder very hard and must have been devastated by Roberta Miller’s murder. For this reason I keep her name out of my correspondence.

  • jim says:

    Jenifer Haskel, “took the murder of Stacey Burns very hard” ? She took the cash too. In fact judge Albee told me Walker Varney was the first in line to fleece the Burns children’s account in the aftermath of their mothers death. Those murders are a resume enhancement to Randy Walker, he’s proud of it.

    • Wayne says:

      Yes he is. Raping and pillaging is his M.O. The property he was attempting to extort was my children’s Education fund. His greed was his undoing. My ex turned on him when she realized he was swindling her too. She was my source that should have busted him. Then your beloved Stacey was murdered and he became “protected”. Think this is all coincidental? Think again!

    • Wayne says:

      What people fail to realize is that we are not looking for a killer; we are looking for a monster. Ninety eight percent of those in jail for murder would never have committed this crime in the manner in which it was carried out. Killing a mother of five knowing the children will discover her mutilated body on Mother’s day morning is a crime of immense cruelty. Therefore we are looking for the .00002 percent capable of committing such a crime and that narrows the field considerably. That monster will likely have a long history of cruel behavior behind them that they have gotten away with in the past. Therefore Jim, even if you totally believe Ed to be this monster you must consider the likelihood that he was not acting alone. Ed has a convenient alibi that may not totally preclude him from committing this crime. However it would have taken exceptional planning and immense luck to carry it out and from all accounts Ed doesn’t fit the profile of someone with that skill set. Therefore he must have had an accomplice in the Wolfeboro area; who do you think that would be? Find the accomplice that carried out her murder and you’ll find the monster behind it.

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