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Admissable versus inadmissable

Regarding my last post, if something is lacking, such as admissible evidence, does that mean that there might be inadmissible evidence?

Just wondering . . .what if there is evidence that because of some legal issue is not admissible in a court?

We’ve all heard of it. It could be either illegally obtained or collected or might have been mishandled.

The question- is there some inadmissible evidence out there that we should know about?

Just wondering . . .


8 Responses to Admissable versus inadmissable

  • Jamie says:

    If the case is considered “cold” can some information now be released? Maybe someone knows the answer to that. As well Duke I think that it’s safe to say that at least this Brian Strong is paying attention to your blog. I think that’s fantastic. Keep up the good work. I appreciate all that you have done and continue to do for Stacey and her family.

  • former Wolfeboro resident says:

    Intensive Investigation or a cover-up?

    An investigation is like the rungs on a ladder; they all need to be in place to safely and confidently reach the goal. This investigation is missing several rungs. For instance:

    1) Roberta Miller and Stacey Burns not only had the same law firm representing them but had the same lawyer. Roberta Miller made allegations on a court document against the lawyers involved in her divorce and this law firm controlled this court. This would make Roberta Miller a potential and “willing” witness to crimes being committed by this law firm. Her murder reeks of eliminating a potential witness.

    2) I began distributing a book just before Stacey Burn’s murder also making allegations of “serious crimes” being committed by this same law firm and I was in the process of filing a well-documented complaint against this law firm at the time of Ms. Burn’s murder. My complaint was and still is being covered up, and the Stacey Burns murder is the reason (100% degree of certainty).

    3) I sent a detailed report on the Stacey Burns murder by certified mail to the NH state police and FBI one year ago (Duke has a copy). Yet I have never been asked a single question in regards to this report. Investigations of any level require asking questions, cover-ups avoid them.

    a. Note: I will be willing to answer any written questions pertaining to this murder investigation and my dispute with this law firm. However I’ve seen the documentary “making a murderer” and I’ve witnessed firsthand the corruption at the highest level of state government and the NHBA; my mistrust is justified.

    4) There are several other rungs to this ladder missing that indicate that this is not a intensive investigation but a selective one. Stacey Burns murder; Roberta Miller murder and Amy Warf Desjardin’s murder all fit a specific profile that the powers that be and the fake media (aka: censorship) do not want you to know about.

    In respect to Sgt. Brian Strong and the other hard working individuals assigned to the Stacey Burns murder investigation, this is well above their pay grade. This investigation requires a task force assembled that includes all of the branches mentioned in this letter and the FBI. Sorry Jim, but you are not an objective voice in this investigation (nor am I). Your obsession with Ed Burns has tainted your judgement as mine was also until I forced myself to consider the alternatives. Maybe this law firm is innocent of any direct involvement in the Stacey Burn’s and Roberta Miller’s murders, but they are not innocent in their unethical and illegal practices involving family law, and this has most definitely been covered-up. Failure to investigate this law firm fully and openly continues to be a cover-up. Their practices and the murders of two of their clients is more than enough reason to stop protecting them. They have earned their scrutiny and my contempt.

    Former Wolfeboro resident

    P.S. I do not reveal my name on this site to protect my children who still live in the Wolfeboro area. The authorities and this law firm know who I am.

  • jim says:

    I’m thinking this is a circumstantial case, built on mountains of evidence from ones history till now and even later, after the arrest. Is “history” of abuse admissible ? is testimony of the departed admissible ? It’s crossing the T’s and dotting the i’s, that’s all. Some day, sooner rather than later I’mm a thinkin, there’s gonna be a judgement day. That “venomous” voice telling me “state police up my ass” just wont stop hunting me.

  • Watching and Waiting says:

    Jim…you are a fucking piece of garbage and always will be. You could not tell the truth if it was more colorful than a lie from the very beginning of this case.You actually know more than you speak of.
    You lied at the very beginning of this case in front of a grand jury. You also asked your woman at this time to lie for you. Yes, you were caught in the woods talking to her and actually lied about it. You might want to trim that mustache and get your teeth fixed.
    Some people never change.

    • Jamie Vittum says:

      Your an idiot. Jim NEVER went before a grand jury. I did. And if Im the “woman” that you say Jim made lie then I guess you don’t know me. At all. Just take your rude, distasteful and inconsequential comments and be done with this blog as you say. Good riddance. I’m guessing there is plenty about you that needs to be fixed. Start with that attitude.

    • Jamie says:

      Some things can be fixed (weight, teeth, hair etc.) but watching and waiting, ugly and mean is to the bone. I pity you.

  • Watching and Waiting says:

    Done with this blog.
    Duke, you have done a great job I wish good health and success with all your endeavors always.
    The Stacey Burns homicide is solved. Just can’t be taken into a court trial the way it lays. It is the level of dishonesty by folks in the Wolfeboro area that has hampered this investigation from the very start.
    Some day Stacey you may finally come to a full rest. A healing will the occur for all those involved close to this case.
    For you detective Strong…. Thank you Sir for your hard work and dedication.

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