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A murder, but why a book?

Almost eight years ago, I held my first interview for my book about the Stacey Burns murder. It was not an official interview. I did not bring a recording device, and after fifteen minutes, I stopped trying to write notes and simply listened. The “interview” took place on a large logging/construction barge in a quiet cove on Lake Winnipesaukee. That day, I was convinced of two things. First, this murder case would be solved very quickly. Second, I had the ability to write a true crime book, despite never having been an investigative reporter nor an official journalist.

Obviously, I was wrong about the first thing as we approach the ninth anniversary of Stacey’s murder. There is nothing more that can be said about that. Everyone reading this has his/her own opinion about why there has not been an arrest, but the sad fact is there hasn’t.

I’ll admit that the second thing I believed after that first interview is quite troubling these many years later. Perhaps, I shouldn’t have been the one to write this book. I know there are those who are disappointed that my book about this murder has not been published. Perhaps someone with more journalistic experience, the type that would have no qualms abut confronting anyone connected with the case and shoving a microphone in their face might have been able to get to the truth, even when the police seem unable to.

My approach to the book was naïve. I mean, how hard could it be to simply interview people, find out the truth, and then tell the story? If the arrest had happened as I expected it to happen, early on, maybe my book would have been an accurate chronicle of this horrible event. Unfortunately, instead of the years producing an inarguable truth, they have produced an incredible array of theories, many of which have been mentioned in this  blog, but none of them have resulted in any concrete action on the part of the police, at least as far as I can see.

To those who are disappointed that my book hasn’t exposed the killer, my apologies. I will continue to try to keep some degree of pressure on anyone involved to produce some results, but the conclusion of this story depends not on me ( a true crime neophyte) but on law enforcement. We’re told they continue to work diligently on this case. In just fifty days, we enter the tenth year since Stacey was killed. Hopefully, the diligence will pay off fairly soon.


6 Responses to A murder, but why a book?

  • jim vittum says:

    Naive, we all were. Who would have thought Jeff Strelzin would let a guy that “slaughtered” his wife walk? I’m not naive anymore, justice departments all over this country are full of guys like jeffery. Donald Trump, as despicable a whiteman he is, was elected to drain the swamp of creatures like Mr. Strelzin, Mr. McCabe, Mr. Commey and the rest. You want change? stop resisting it.

  • Wayne says:

    We were all incredible naive. At the time I was 99% sure Eddie killed Stacey and 0.99% Jimmy did it. I left 0.01% chance it was someone else. Nine years later those numbers have reversed. I am now 99% certain someone else murdered her. 0.01% Jimmy did it and 0.99% certain Eddie was involved but did not wield the weapon that ended her life. However I was and still remain 100% certain the Walker & Varney is responsible for her murder and Roberta Miller’s murder as well. It baffles me that no one connects those dots other than seemingly me. However I suspect others do but are in fear of encuring the wrath of not only this law firm but the 21st century rendition of organised crime. Otherwise known as the NHBA.

  • jim vittum says:

    Where are her family and friends, surely they too are questioning this injustice. I can’t imagine Strelzin is doing his Fred Murray on them, he’s got me for that. If Stacey’s children ever want answers, I’ll ALWAYS be here, you know how to find me,I loved your mom.

  • Patiently Watching and Waiting says:

    I to am very disappointed for sure. I will go to my grave knowing that the killer is among us and still alive. Not like Stacey.
    Thoroughly disappointed in law enforcement also. They have no solid evidence for sure. At the same time, they know who killed her. I feel their pain in knowing and not being able to bring a court case. It must be really hard for some of them to sleep at at night. Wolfeboro being just a small town police department and not having any authority over the matter. So sad.

  • Wayne says:

    “You can be human or a killer of humans, but you can’t be both” – The November man. I know you are following this so which is it: Are you a monster or are you human? Can a Monster become human again? FYI: You are a loose end. He hired you to kill Stacey to side track an investigation. He hired you to kill Roberta to silence a potential witness. Do you think he won’t attempt to hire someone to close that loop? Or maybe he already has his get out of jail free card. If he had you contact Eddie before the fact you’ve already been set up to take this fall. Enjoy your last days of freedom… or of life, whichever comes first.

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