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Cracks in the Wall

Upcoming release

Here is a brief synopsis of my new novel, Cracks in the Wall, which is in the final stages of design and proofreading before publication. Watch this blog for the upcoming  exact release date.


           Parker Havenot, a former Philadelphia homicide detective, faces one of the most difficult challenges of his stellar career when a rare murder rocks his small town of Hampton Village, Connecticut.

          In what at first seems to be what his colleagues in the Covington County… Continue reading

Jacket-Cracks in the Wall

Southard-3aDate of publication is yet to be determined but here is the likely front jacket of my new book. I am hoping for a good editing report so the road to publication will be smooth.


What Wall?

Some have asked about the title of my new book. What does “Cracks in the Wall” mean?

In Live Free or Die, Josie says, “Sometimes we can still see over or through the cracks in the wall we’ve built to shield us from the past.” Have any of you known someone who was trying to start over, trying to rebuild a life? In order to do that, a person needs to think about building a symbolic wall if they truly intend to start over. The past can be a serious impediment to moving ahead with a new direction… Continue reading

Kids say great things!

For a change, this post has nothing to do with the Stacey Burns murder.

It has to do with my grandson, Ben. With apologies to Art Linkletter, I do agree with his famous cliché that kids do say the darndest things. With Ben, I will change that to kids say great things.

Two nights ago, I was working on a crucial scene in my work-in-progress-almost-finished-novel. It is a conversation between a boy and his dad about the deer hanging in the back yard, a hunting success for the father.

Ben asked if he could read some of… Continue reading

Cracks in the Wall-Update

dukesmotorcycleSome of my followers have asked how the new novel, Cracks in the Wall, is coming along so this is a brief report on that project for those who are interested. (or even for those who are not interested)

I hit a major slowdown in progress over the last month and half due to factors somewhat beyond my control. However, the novel, expected to be in the 63,000 words range, now stands at 55,000 “keeper” words so more than 85% completed. If all goes according to plan, it will be in the editing stage within a month.

The book features… Continue reading

A Favorite Quotation

A Favor Returned - Duke SouthardSpiritual beings on a human journey? Human beings on a spiritual quest? A favorite character from A Favor Returned, Jennie Proctor, answers this deep philosophical question simply, directly, and definitively. (She should be a favorite character-I made her up!)

When asked the question by her mother-in-law, she observes that “we are all spiritual beings in human form. We are just passing through this planet. We came from somewhere and are going somewhere. There are times when I feel as if my feet are hardly touching the ground, Mrs. Becker.”

Jennie possesses a special gift which she neither wants nor understands… Continue reading

Cracks in the Wall

Dad Race Car 21 (2)The photo captures my father in his race car in 1950, just prior to a horrible crash in which he should have been killed but survived with minor scratches. That accident is the basis for the opening chapter of my first novel, A Favor Returned.

Many folks have asked my how my work on my fourth novel is coming along. Cracks in the Wall, the third book featuring Detective Parker Havenot, is well underway. As of this moment, I am projecting the rough draft to be finished by the end of November, 2015. The story is guaranteed to produce … Continue reading

Cracks in the Wall Update

Those of you who have read Live Free or Die have read (maybe) the beginning chapters of my fourth novel, Cracks in the Wall. I do get asked how that book is coming along so I thought I’d give everyone a brief update.

I am in the middle of Chapter Eleven, just over 25,000 words along with an anticipated length of 72,000- 75,000 words. The story is developing the same type of momentum that Live Free or Die did when I was finishing that book  last fall. Watch for future updates here.


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