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A 02/16/2011 Quote-Stacey Burns

Again, a visit to my “murder book” on the Stacy Burns murder–

From a Granite State News article: February 2, 2011:

“In the Burns case, we have evidence, but not enough to make an arrest and that is what the state police are continuing to build on.”

So, over seven years ago, they had “evidence” but not enough to build on.

My question, asked in the utmost innocence- Are you still building on that evidence, or have you in all reality given up investigating this case and sitting back waiting for “someone to crack?”?

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2 Responses to A 02/16/2011 Quote-Stacey Burns

  • vittum says:

    The double murder in Wolfeboro is solved? Seems the shooter turned himself in the day after but Strelzin and co. weren’t ready yet so they sent him home, turned up the screws and he killed himself. To bad Rondeau won’t get that “one” bite of the apple after all.

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