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Duke Southard

Author of two novels, one memoir and one nonfiction commissioned history Born in New Jersey, lived in New Hampshire for forty years, then moved to Arizona full time in 2009 Current president of the Santa Cruz Valley Chapter of the Society of Southwestern Authors Public school educator for thirty five years.

Five Hundred and Fifty

Last time I looked, five hundred and fifty people have read my last post regarding my disappointment/disillusionment that key people in a tip about the Stacey Burns murder I sent to the NHSP early in May had not yet been interviewed.  This is the most in a long time. This fact relieves a small bit of the disillusionment because it seems to say that interest in Stacey’s murder still runs high.

In May, when I first heard the information contained in the tip, I’ll confess to being a bit hesitant to share it. After all, the police have worked… Continue reading

Disappointed, Almost Disillusioned

Today, I found out that some people included in a tip about the Stacey Burns murder I sent to the New Hampshire State Police four months ago have not been interviewed. These people are part of  group who I was sure would be contacted as a result of this tip. “Playing telephone tag” was mentioned as well an observation that there did not seem a deep commitment on the part of investigators to talk to them. I’m sorry to admit that this is a disappointment, not because my information was necessarily correct or accurate, but because of the apparent… Continue reading

Stacey’s “Tipping Point”

We have all experienced “tipping points” in our lives. Stacey Burns no doubt experienced one when she made the decision to divorce her husband. It surely was not a decision made lightly but with careful considerations of all the factors at work in her life at the time. There had to be a moment, an event or a combination of events that led to her  tipping point, sending her life in a different direction. Her family and friends are aware of those factors. From my observation and interviews with those who knew her, she, like the narrator  in… Continue reading

Amazon Reviews and Making Money

This post is really two topics in one but they might be related. Please don’t think I am complaining. This is purely an informational blog post.

First, every author will tell you that Amazon reviews of books is critical to the success of a good book. My five books have a total of thirty-seven reviews with thirty five stars and seven four stars. That would seem to indicate that the books have a chance at being successful, right?  (Assuming that not all the reviews were written by my family-they weren’t!) Obviously it would be helpful to… Continue reading

My “Murder Book”

About once a week, I revisit what  I call my “murder book” on the Stacey Burns murder. It is a very thick , three ring binder, filled with all sorts of notes, emails, newspaper clippings, interview transcriptions, etc. The murder book term is a common one in stories about homicide detectives and I always run across items in mine that had slipped my mind over time..  Even though some of the quotations below have been used in this blog previously, I thought some of the newer readers might be interested in them.

“Our primary responsibility is certainly our… Continue reading

Stacey Burns Progress Report

As promised in my last post, here is the progress report on the Stacey Burns murder case from only my perspective.

On May 25, in response to a comment on this blog that the “(Stacey Burns) case is over,” I sent a question to the NHSP asking if this respondent was correct. Here is the answer I received from that question. It came from a detective in the NHSP on May 26, 2017.

“The investigation is not over and we are currently still working on this case. I
can’t comment about what is being done as it is an… Continue reading

Back to work

After a two week hiatus, I will begin posting regularly on this blog. The last couple of weeks have been fun, spending quality time with our grandkids visiting from Maryland (shown in the photos petting stingrays at the Desert Museum and taking a horseback riding lesson) then traveling back with them and visiting friends in New Hampshire and at the Jersey Shore.

 Watch for a post on Monday which will provide an update on the “progress?” in the Stacey Burns murder case.

Despite the great times on the east coast, it’s always nice to come home.

Thanks to all… Continue reading

Catch up

For this past week and the next, any posts will be sporadic at best. We’ve had our grandchildren, ages 9 & 12, here for this week and then we travel to the east coast with them back to their home in Bel Air, Maryland. What a great visit with young kids! Needless to say, writing and posting have not been high priorities-just keeping up with them is a fun challenge. It is the second year of what we are calling Camp Arizona, with horseback riding, museums, plays, and a lot of just plain being together.

I will… Continue reading

Catch 22?

For those wondering about the status of investigation into the tip i submitted to the NHSP in early May . . .

Of the seven people I thought would be interviewed based on that information, I can only confirm that three have been spoken to by police. One
additional “peripheral” person outside of the seven was interviewed based on info given by one of those three.
I do get regular reminders from various sources that I don’t know how real police investigations work. I’m just an ordinary citizen and perhaps I should wait and see what happens.… Continue reading

Urgent tip response

What follows is an email received from a follower of this blog, used with permission. It explains what the NHSP say they are doing in the Stacey Burns murder case and other so-called cold cases. It also explains why I have not and evidently will not receive any response about the status of information I submitted (the “urgent tip”)to the NHSP Cold Case Unit at the beginning of May. Readers can conclude whether this is positive or negative news. Here is the email:


You may or may not get a response.
You may not get the response… Continue reading

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