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The Parker Havenot Series

As a change of pace, this post will not deal with the still unsolved murder of Stacey Burns. (Eighty two days to the tenth anniversary of that barbaric crime-are we any closer to an arrest? By the way, is anyone planning on making the tenth anniversary special by demanding information on where this investigation stands?)

Anyway, on Saturday I led a two hour workshop for the Society of Southwestern Authors on the subject of developing and sustaining a series in the novel format. With over twenty writers in attendance, the discussion was lively and varied. I used the four novels in the Detective Parker Havenot series  as examples of how that particular series came to be. Hopefully, some useful information was gleaned from the session. If any readers of this blog are interested in hearing more about this or other free programs I offer to community, library, and school groups, I encourage you to visit the website (www.dukesouthard.com) for more information.

Have a good day!


2 Responses to The Parker Havenot Series

  • Van darling says:

    Of course I felt disappointed at not being able to attend. Time just slips through my fingers and before I realize it, it’s the 19th of the second month of the new year. I’m hoping you will do the lecture again and with due diligence to time and place I’ll be able to attend. God bless you Duke for being the standard bearer for Stacey. Rainbows

  • vittum says:

    By the way, yes, me. But I don’t expect Paula,Suzann,Peg,Fay or any of her other “friends” to do a f-ing thing. PLEASE prove me wrong.

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