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March 31-End of SB Blog?

On Sunday, March 31, 2019, I will present my program called “The Adventures of a True Crime Neophyte” to a community group in Tucson. I’ve given this program or a slightly revised one to writers’ groups and other local groups in Arizona and New Hampshire on numerous occasions. The program details my work on the book about the murder of Stacey Burns. It is about the process for the book, not the murder.

This blog (and one that preceded it) has dealt almost entirely with the murder, not with the book writing process. I’ve written well over five hundred  posts and received over a thousand comments in response. To my knowledge, nothing substantial has come of anything that has been written on this blog, nor has anything come of information I’ve been given and passed along to the authorities. I indeed was a true crime neophyte when I started, unschooled in investigative journalism and writing in that particular genre. I’ve learned a lot and am proud of what I tried to do.

Regrettably, I’ve decided that after the March 31st program, I will discontinue the portion of this blog dedicated to Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns. I began exploring the possibilities of this book in late spring of 2010 and began the work in earnest with a week of interviews in New Hampshire in the fall of that year. That is nine years. Unless something new comes to my attention, there seems little more to say.

Unfortunately, the vicious murder of Stacey Burns does not appear to be a high priority for those in a position to make a difference in its resolution. This blog has tried to make it a priority without any apparent success.

I appreciate the positive comments I’ve received over the years I’ve worked on this project. I also respect the criticism and negative comments. I’ll never begrudge anyone the right to an opinion.

I sincerely wish the family and friends of this exceptional woman the best of luck in finding any degree of justice for her.

I remain willing to share anything I’ve learned with anyone in authority, even if it might not be anything new or useful.


7 Responses to March 31-End of SB Blog?

  • Cal Angland says:

    This post made me cry.
    Please continue to help…..
    Stacey’s son Michael needs you.
    Stacey’s daughter Shannon needs you.
    Stacey’s daughter Kelly needs you.
    Stacey’s daughter Morgan needs you.
    Stacey’s daughter Madison needs you.
    Stacey’s brother and sister need you.
    Stacey’s friends need you.

    Please don’t stop Duke.
    Stacey needs you.
    We need you to help bring justice.

  • Van darling says:

    God bless what you started and the work and energy you nurtured over the years. I was sorry to read your decision. Your voice was one – and the only one – in the wilderness for Stacey. Now, she will have no one. She is not only gone, but now she is alone. That in and of itself is heartbreaking. May God follow you with your next endeavor.

  • Jacqueline Reardon (a/k/a/Jackie Nolan class of 1970 BCHS) says:

    I have a friend who lives in Yucson. He has a question- When is the lecture and where is it?

  • jim vittum says:

    I thought the book was a good idea too. I thought Ed would be in jail and we could talk about how we ALL missed this, how domestic violence works, how we, me and her friends and family should have confronted Ed, how we should have stopped him. How we all knew this could happen and did nothing. It would have been nice if something good could have come from this and maybe we could help someone else from this happening to them. Could have, should have, and would have. The lack of justice, or any interest in justice is something i never expected from my state. It’s been an awakening how dirty and rotten and uncaring theses liars in Concord really are. Thanks anyway Duke.

    • jim says:

      At least Jussie Smollett got his justice, wouldn’t want him suffering. I’ll bet Strelzin and co. are proud of that one too.

  • A follower. says:

    If you look at statistics, aren’t most crimes solved after decades? What you fail to understand is that most people who live in Wolfeboro read your posts but I can guarantee most are afraid to comment. There were more than just a couple of people who could have committed this heinous attack. There are a lot of True Crime podcasts out now, people don’t give up they just keep going on. Look at the Maura Murray case, and Serial podcast. Its the people that keep pushing it forward until it is solved that will prevail. Maybe a different approach Duke, maybe a podcast needs to develop where people can dig in and listen and do their own investigative work. Come on People…………..we need to keep this case moving forward. This case deserves to be solved. Duke, you decide what you want to do.

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