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Duke Southard

Author of two novels, one memoir, and one nonfiction commissioned history. Born in New Jersey, lived in New Hampshire for forty years, then moved to Arizona full time in 2009. Current president of the Santa Cruz Valley Chapter of the Society of Southwestern Authors. Public school educator for thirty five years.

A Broken Record re: Stacey Burns?

How could I use an ancient technology like the old vinyl records? What was a broken record, anyway?

It was one that contained at least one scratch which would cause the phonograph needle to skip back and replay a portion of the song over and over.

If one were to look back over the years I’ve been writing for this blog, mostly about the Stacey Burns murder, I must sound like that proverbial broken record. There is a theme that reappears over and over again. I have asked many, many times for anyone to explain to me what “ongoing investigation”… Continue reading

Stacey and Bobbie- Ever Solved?

I guess I have one immediate question for anyone who might be interested.

Do you honestly believe the murders of Bobbie Miller and Stacey Burns will ever be solved?

And a follow-up question . . .Will they be one of those that twenty or thirty years down the road, someone finally says or does something that turns the case around or some DNA shows up that was missed?

Over eight years ago, when I began writing Murder in a Small Town, I was certain that the Stacey Burns murder would be solved within weeks, if not days.

I’ll admit to… Continue reading

A Stacey Burns Paragraph per Post?

A professional writer on a blog where I have a regular posting every Tuesday (you can find it at http://Prowriterswriting.com) is if the opinion that I should publish everything I’ve written about the Stacey Burns murder thus far, even though there had not been an arrest at this time.

His reasoning is quite convincing. New information could be published later if desired. Why not share what you have at this point and maybe it will shake loose something important on the case. I am struggling with the concept of publishing before the story is finished (not a new struggle as… Continue reading

I’m Back

This will be brief. After a long time, my glitches with this blog and various other delays that resulted in not posting for quite a while are solved.

In the next post I’ll be addressing the progress or lack thereof in the Stacey Burns murder case along with some advice from other writers who have written true crime books. (and published them since the crimes have been solved)

I hope you all will forgive the absence and come back to following this blog.


I'm Duke Southard, author, educator, and lecturer.

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