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The Burns’s House-May 9-10, 2009

With no comment, here is a poem, submitted and published anonymously but with permission, about the state of Stacey Burns’s house the night she was murdered.

‘Find Me In The Dark’.
I sleep up stairs, over here in this room towards the back of the house
Just come on in … up the stairs.
Don’t worry I probably won’t hear you
Nor will the 6 children sleeping over, this evening
2 – sleeping in our third floor bedroom / 4 sleeping in the center – middle section of the house 
If only my angels were here, with me tonight
If you get here when the music is playing, no one should hear you.
After all …They will be to busy, right.
Oh, did I tell you I am a heavy sleeper!
No …I don’t lock the front door, and you already know the lay out of our home.
In fact …I bet you could navigate this home in the Dark if you had to !
I don’t think you will even surprise anyone, even if they were in my bedroom talking to me
But, If you are able to wait until the right time.
I would be alone in my bedroom and you could surprise me !
You know …Not just anyone would know how to ‘Find Me In The Dark’. 
Now remember …If I were to drink to much, I may be a heavy sleeper
And Hey …From time to time I may take a sleeping aid so I just might not hear you, so wake me !
Our Home has always been open to friends and family.
Did I mention that I am having a sleep over this evening ( 6 young ambitious children )!!
We will have to make sure that the bedroom door is secure …So we don’t have any embarrassing moments.
What a great time Saturday evening, watching a movie
Time for bed now …So perhaps I will see you in the morning
Hey I was just thinking …If you were to sleep over and leave early
No one would know you are here.
No one would know that, with you here it would be a 7 Person Sleep Over It would be surprisingly difficult to navigate a 7 person sleep over 
What a surprise someone will have if they came to visit us this evening Especially In The Dark.
You know …there could be Kids All over the house. 
Sleeping on the floor, Sleeping on the couch, Sleeping up stairs
Coming into my bedroom at any time of the night.
I mean just think of All The Possibilities with 6 or 7 person sleep over 
To the untrained eye …It would be extremely difficult to have any privacy 
Unless someone really knew to wait until things settle down for the evening.
But I guess to accomplish that …one would need to know about the 6 or 7 person sleep over, and
when everyone was in their ‘Out Of The Way’ respective places for the evening Third Floor / Living room area 
Well …Look’s like it’s going to be a cool May night, perhaps an Extra Blanket, ( Don’t You Think )
‘Find Me In The Dark’  or  ‘I’ll See You In The Morning’. 
 Again, this is one person’s view of what the house may have been like that night. Certainly, it contains some “food for thought.”

4 Responses to The Burns’s House-May 9-10, 2009

  • Jamie says:

    Not much into poetry I guess. Sounds like someone jotted down what they have heard. I just find it odd. My humble opinion.

  • Wayne says:

    And the “secret” access door leading into Stacey’s bedroom? How many knew about that if it in fact exists? Was that locked? Thieves look for hidden dark locations away from the public viewing eyes. They rarely walk in the front door especially with a house full of teens that easily could be pulling an all-nighter. Create a list of everyone that might have known about the access door and cross reference it with anyone that might have had a motive. For example a realtor that had shown the house might know about the access door but would have no way of knowing whether it was now blocked or locked. Stacey may have kept an open door policy but I doubt it included her bedroom. So it would be someone that had knowledge of her bedroom. That obviously does not rule out Ed or Jim but who else had this rather personal knowledge? What about the police, did they respond to a DV call in the past before her murder? Were they watching her house? If you are going to walk in the front door intent on committing premeditated murder you are going to want to stake out the house first. Who would have the ability to stake out a house without drawing suspicion? This would seemingly rule out Ed as he would not have the time to stake out the house and his presence in the middle of the night would be suspicious. Maybe Jim could walk right in at all times of the night without drawing suspicion I don’t know but seems pretty dumb to me and he doesn’t strike me as a stupid man. Pig headed and opinionated maybe, but not stupid. The killer(s) had knowledge of her personal situation; They knew the layout of the house; They were able to stake out the house and wait for all seeming activity to have quieted down and if they were caught by any of the children their presence could be explained, before or even after the murder (obviously much more difficult after). This rules out Ed completely and makes no sense for Jim especially considering his demeanor the following morning. Therefore we are looking at a professional killer. This rules out Jim but does not rule out Ed. And all these wacko theories about a jealous woman committing this murder sounds to me like a diversionary tactic attempting to muddy the water. Is this random or are a certain group of people purposely “trolling” Duke’s site to steer everyone away from the real killers? If so, who would have that kind of power and why this murder?

    More questions than answers but isn’t that what investigations are about, asking questions? I find it strange how this investigation seems to avoid asking questions.

  • conspiracist says:

    A realtor? interesting, there was a realtor sidling up to Eddie after the “slaughter. Or, the killer waited till the last possible time to kill his wife before court on monday and nothing, including kids could stop him.

  • patiently waiting says:

    1. Who ever thought this could be a robbery and if so what where they searching for in a house full of teenagers up partying all night?
    2.Why is the jealous woman theory a wacko one?

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