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Investigation Reassurances (again)

I just received this email and thought I should share it. I guess it is reassuring but we have heard almost the exact same words before.

The Stacey Burns case remains open and is at times an active case. The case was listed on the Cold Case Website because no arrest has been made and it was hoped that posting the case on the website would provide an alternative avenue for anyone wanting to provide information about the case. 

The Stacey Burns case has been and will continue to be staffed with a team from the NH Attorney General’s Office, the State Police Major Crime Unit, and the NH Cold Case Unit.
Anyone who wishes to provide information about the case can do so by contacting
State Police Sergeant Brian Strong at (603) 223-3648 or through the cold case website at coldcaseunit@dos.nh.gov.
Should anyone wish to help solve The Burns case we encourage anyone with information to contact the State Police detectives identified above, or email the Cold Case Unit and provide whatever information they possess.”
So, there you have it exactly as I received it . . .Draw whatever conclusions you wish.
Have a good day.


8 Responses to Investigation Reassurances (again)

  • jim says:

    More bull, the police are NOT waiting on something new. The case was put on the list because it’s over. I have something new, real new and very important. The killer called me up on the phone, more than once very recently. Chief Rondeau won’t even call me back, Strong called me a liar, Strelzin called me a killer and now I’m just waiting for a call from the Gov. to see if he cares. Strong is weak, and this e-mail is wrong and insultingly patronizing.

    • Wayne says:

      And I thought I was the most ignored and hated person by the authorities but you got me beat by a land slide. You are right though, those words ring hollow and to a degree insulting when they are not followed up. However you are way to quick to put the noose around Ed’s neck without looking at ALL the evidence. What was that great saying you shared: “hate is like poison expecting it to kill the other person but only killing you instead” or something to that affect. I feel your frustration though.

  • Jamie says:

    I’m not sure that the authorities actually hate Jim personally or just hate the fact that his head has been up their asses for the last eight years. You go Jim Vittum. Stacey would be proud of you. And the email? Same ol bullshit they have said for the last eight years. Write an email to the public when you actually have something new to say. Other than that “authorities” ….just keep doing what you been doing. Wait for someone to confess.

    • Jamie says:

      You are entitled to your opinion. I’m sorry you feel that way. VITTUM PROUD! By the way…I thought you said you were done here?

  • vittum says:

    I could care less what anybody thinks of me. Personally, none of these folks would last a day in the woods. L.E. is a place for tough guys to go become puppets, and puppets are what they are, puppets to their weak, limp wristed leaders.

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