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Finished WIth The Stacy Burns Case

Tonight, I received a nasty and hurtful email because of a recent post on this blog concerning the Stacey Burns murder case. The message attacked my motivation, my integrity, and my character. The source is one close enough to the case for me to know that what was expressed in that email is felt by others as well.

Because of this email, there will be no more posts from me about the Stacey Burns murder. I have spent  too much time ,too much money, and too much effort in trying to do the right thing in this case to be treated like this. I’ve tried to help in what I thought was the right way, only to be asked in the email “have you no shame?,” or told “you have crossed the line,” or accused of using Stacey’s last night “as a source of entertainment.”

Those who follow this blog have heard all my reasons for being involved in such a project. All profits were to go to Stacey’s children. (There haven’t been any and will now never be.) Justice for this poor woman should be served. (It  hasn’t been yet and who knows if it will ever be.) The family and friends deserve some kind of closure. (The Fallacy of Closure?)

To the family and friends of Stacey Burns, I wish only that the peace of a solution would come sooner rather then later. To those who feel that I did something wrong in allowing opinions to be expressed here, I would respectfully disagree. When there seems to be nothing else happening, why not try to make something happen?

I will admit to being deeply offended and feeling like I received a hard punch in the stomach at the harshness of the criticism. Those who know me know that I can take deserved criticism as well as anyone. However, in this case, it is overwhelming and has made me question everything I’ve done for the past seven and half years or more in regard to this horrible crime.

So, the Stacey Burns murder case has lost an advocate and a spokesperson whose purpose evolved into just trying to keep Stacey’s murder at the forefront in the eyes of the public and the police, trying to bring about its resolution. Perhaps someone else will decide to establish a blog for this purpose.

For a while, responses to past posts will continue to be published until the blog is revised.

Good luck, New Hampshire State Police! I hope your open, ongoing, intense investigation continues as the ninth anniversary approaches.  I’m sure, as we heard several years ago, an arrest is imminent.


16 Responses to Finished WIth The Stacy Burns Case

  • Stacey Carter says:

    I cant understand why anyone would be upset with you for keeping this case alive makes me wonder why this person wants you to stop? I really hope you do not I pray her killer gets caught. Stacey deserves justice.The town of Wolfeboro needs Justice

  • Lynn Ash says:

    Mr Southard I’m so sorry someone hurt you. I think what you’ve been doing these past serveral years has been awesome. I loved reading your updates, the what ifs, your exllanations, etc. I’m sad that this blog is ending and that your dream of writing this story is ending. You have invested so many hours. I didnt know Stacey but I thank you for all you’ve done on her behalf.

  • Van says:

    You hit a nerve with your continuing tenacity about Stacey. Your well meaning remarks got too close to home. Over the years you have done a great service to her. You kept her horrible death in the spotlight and that scares someone deeply. So they lash out at you. I’m sorry about that because you are a good, caring man. Maybe also, their conscience is bothering them. But I think it is more you hit a nerve. Good for you.

  • jim vittum says:

    Mr Southard, I think i know what your feeling. Ever since i talked to the union leader that first week i have been hated by most people close to this case. I fell in love with Stacey, was very fond and proud of her kids but was never accepted by her masshole friends and family. In retrospect i’m thankful for that because these are not my kind of people, Stacey had some issues, her best friend said “she couldn’t say no” and her own brother said “she had bad taste in men,always had” but to me she was different, special and beautiful. No one has yet been able to stop me from telling my story. You ,Mr. Southard are my kind of people. Take a deep breath, some time to think, get through Mothers day and resume. DAMMIT!! all we have to fear is fear itself, those people have a killer in the fam.

  • Jamie says:

    Duke…I’m sorry to hear that some people have been cruel to you despite your awesome efforts to keep Stacey’s case alive and find some resolution. I agree that I hope you take a deep breath, think about it and change your mind although I would certainly understand if you didn’t.
    I too know how it feels to “take a beating” throughout this mess and have even been accused by a few of involvement.People can be hurtful and cruel but I find that they are usually just judgmental, uneducated people who have not done their research but create a story by speculating. They don’t care about solving this case for all involved but have a need to be included in the story…in the gossip.
    Whatever you decide Duke I thank you for your persistence. I know Stacey thanks you too.There is ABSOLUTELY no shame in your game Duke Southard.

  • Ethel Lee-Miller says:

    Duke, I feel both angered and sad about this most recent outcome of your writing about the Stacey Burns murder. Angered because this horrific murder now has more of a chance of going officially cold. Angered that some one would attack your credibility and integrity. You have used a talent for using words and digging to get to the truth of an issue- one of the most powerful of weapons against injustice. Hurt that a personal attack now has injured you.
    Do not doubt yourself over this. You did only what was honorable and right.
    I too thank you for your past persistence and courage.
    I suspect you being you, a way will present itself to turn this attack into grist for the mill of doing the next right thing, as you have done since Ms Burns’ life was so horribly and callously ended.

  • Wayne says:

    What got me through my darkest hours was a quote I saw on a sign for Jesus. “God places the burden on the shoulders that can carry the weight” if God has that much faith in you nothing anyone else says or thinks really matters does it?

  • jim says:

    N.H. has a case where a grandson killed his rich grandfather but of course our AG let him go. Well, once the kid realized his mother got the loot he killed her too, again, not enough evidence. Well, he now has a couple aunts that are in his way. We are breathlessly waiting to hear how this one ends. You could always do a book about ‘getting away with murder’ in the live free or die state.

    • jmv says:

      Correction; the family has a house on the big lake BUT the crimes happened in Conn. Looks like the killer is gonna cook his own goose anyway.

  • vittum says:

    My daddy told me (just before passing)”don’t underestimate these guys”. I have never been afraid of being arrested for Stacey’s murder, being innocent can do that. However, seeing what a corrupt prosecutor will do to my President is concerning, and it should be to all of you. Putting the hate on the don just good real. Did i ever tell you how much i respect Jeff Strelzin? Oh, ya, he’s good.

  • Patiently Watching and Waiting says:

    The state needs to take a closer look at the woman who did the homicide of Stacy. Now look at Lorna. I have Been on this for awhile. My feelings can not be changed. When you are with a woman for a year and a half? You get to know what happened. The lies she told made her responsible. Ya now i have made my statement. It has taken awhile because I had thought the State Homicide squad would make an arrest. She has always been my favorite suspect.
    I have been in a court of law. To face stalking charges after the fact. Fact is. Never stalkled. Always knew. Want to talk about quirks? Then returned into a court of law to answer to a violation of a protective order which was never issued.
    She actually said she was Stacey’s best friend.
    Now, get it together people. Do you understand now? That this has become a political
    Duke you have done a wonderful job at this. History will tell she is responsible. As our now Police Chief Dean has made a famous quote, “We will only know when she admits on her death bed”. That was published in the Granite State News. also to say that we are just a “Small Town Police Department” and can not protect you in any way. As recorded on Dept. Tape.
    Can I now have some peace in my life?

    • jim says:

      What would be her motive ? I missed Rondeau accusing “her” too, where is that? I do know Rambo-Rondeau was in the middle east at the time of the murder.

  • Jack Donovan says:

    My question is to patiently & waiting can you clarify your statement about the woman who may have been involved, as I have been trying to follow the case , and had a very detailed conversation with Jim V , this past May of which I sincerely believe that he had very strong feelings for Stacey (who I did know , nor do I know anyone regarding the case ) BUT as I have stated in the past on this Blog there is someone out there who has 1 Little Thread of Evidence , how can you Sleep at Night KNOWING that if you divulged what you know Could help Solve this Horrific Case . Please Consider the Poor Children and Other Family Members as well as Friends & Respected Members of Society who would like to see Justice . Jack Donovan

  • Jack Donovan says:

    I would like to make a correction to my previous comment I meant to say that I did not know Stacey , sorry for the mix up but I was typing on a I phone & not my I pad Thank You , Sincerely J

  • Clarence Darrow says:

    Hi Duke, DON’T GIVE UP. You are rattling the right chains when you get threats. When in doubt, sit back in your easy chair and watch “Columbo.” Someone in Stacey’s “key club” is or knows the killer. Keep your focus on talking with the members.

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