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Murder In a Small Town

This blog deals specifically with my work on the book, Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns.

Never too old to be discouraged?

This will sound like a whiney old man’s kind of post, but here it is!

The topic is obvious. When do we lose the ability to be discouraged?

Is it when we’re twenty-two and don’t get a job we applied for?

Is it when we’re thirty, and realize that we’re two steps behind on the basketball court?

Is it when we’re forty, and don’t get the expected promotion?

Is it when we are fifty, and are told that a new person could do our jobs, and at half the cost?

Is it when we are sixty, and realize that we’re… Continue reading

The Ninth Anniversary!

At the risk of being chastised again, I still feel the need to make a few observations on the upcoming ninth anniversary of the murder of Stacey Burns.  I appreciate the support some of my readers have shown for this blog and its mission.

For better or for worse, here are those observations gleaned from almost eight years of working with this subject. Notice, I didn’t say investigating because, as I’ve said often enough, I am not an “investigative reporter.” I am a writer who has been simply trying to find the truth.

  1. I’ve wondered how a case like… Continue reading

A Missed Opportunity?

Within the last week, I was contacted by an NBC Cable News affiliate in Boston. They wanted to do an interview regarding the Stacey Burns murder case. I turned down the offer since it had to be a live interview (no Skype or similar thing) in studio. The trip was impractical for me for a number of reasons.

My hope is that they found someone else in the New England area to do an interview about the case, if for no other reason than it might help bring more exposure to the ninth anniversary of Stacey’s death.

I’ve also heard… Continue reading

Finished WIth The Stacy Burns Case

Tonight, I received a nasty and hurtful email because of a recent post on this blog concerning the Stacey Burns murder case. The message attacked my motivation, my integrity, and my character. The source is one close enough to the case for me to know that what was expressed in that email is felt by others as well.

Because of this email, there will be no more posts from me about the Stacey Burns murder. I have spent  too much time ,too much money, and too much effort in trying to do the right thing in this case to… Continue reading

A murder, but why a book?

Almost eight years ago, I held my first interview for my book about the Stacey Burns murder. It was not an official interview. I did not bring a recording device, and after fifteen minutes, I stopped trying to write notes and simply listened. The “interview” took place on a large logging/construction barge in a quiet cove on Lake Winnipesaukee. That day, I was convinced of two things. First, this murder case would be solved very quickly. Second, I had the ability to write a true crime book, despite never having been an investigative reporter nor an official journalist.

Obviously, I… Continue reading

The Burns’s House-May 9-10, 2009

With no comment, here is a poem, submitted and published anonymously but with permission, about the state of Stacey Burns’s house the night she was murdered.

‘Find Me In The Dark’.
I sleep up stairs, over here in this room towards the back of the house
Just come on in … up the stairs.
Don’t worry I probably won’t hear you
Nor will the 6 children sleeping over, this evening
2 – sleeping in our third floor bedroom / 4 sleeping in the center – middle section of the house 
If only my angels were… Continue reading

A Strong Statement plus Update

Today, I share a portion of a comment to a post from a week ago. It just gives us an important fact to remember
 in the killing of Stacey Burns. I thought it bears emphasizing.
"What people fail to realize is that we are not looking for a killer; we are looking for a monster. . .
Killing a mother of five knowing that the children will discover 
her mutilated body on Mother's Day morning is a crime of immense cruelty." (See complete comment by looking 
on my website for the blog post from last week.) 
Well, NHSP and New… Continue reading 

Apologies, Moving On and Giving a D___!

Today I offer apologies to any who may have taken my last post as a message that people have stopped caring about Stacey Burns and her murder case. I know, and have been reminded of such, that many, many people in Stacey’s circle of family and friends care deeply and will continue to care. It was definitely not the intention of that post to indicate that people have stopped “giving a damn” to use the phraseology in the post.

Almost nine years have passed. This blog has often addressed the reality of situations where moving on becomes a necessity, but… Continue reading

” . . .only one who seems to give a damn . . .?”

This post will be brief and to the point.

“I’m sending you this information because you are the only one that seemingly gives a damn anymore.”

This is a quote from an email I received from a regular correspondent (not always public) regarding the Stacey Burns murder case. The information referred to has been shared by this individual with authorities and some of it has been shared on this blog in the past. I do not know what the police have done with this information, if anything.

My reaction to this? I hope with all my heart and soul that… Continue reading

Degrees of Truth

“Degrees of Truth” is a small part of one chapter of Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns. After much deliberation, the essay “Degrees of Truth” has been removed from the Fallacy of Closure anthology, a book to be published soon. This piece dealt with the events of Friday night and Saturday morning before Stacey Burns was murdered. It was factual, based on interviews I had with people very close to Stacey.

Here, in synopsis form, are the reasons why it will not be included in the new book..

  1. It names real people,… Continue reading

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